About AXA Hearts in Action

Corporate solidarity



Created in 1991, under the leadership of Claude Bébéar, AXA Hearts in Action is AXA's international volunteering program. It was launched in France and grew at the Group's pace, in the countries where AXA is located. AXA Hearts in Action federates employees around solidarity actions and in the continuity of our business in the service of others, while meeting the needs of partner associations.


AXA Hearts in Action works for societal and humanitarian causes and more specifically in the following five areas: environment, health, social inclusion and new technologies and data.


The proposed solidarity actions can have various forms: the accompany of sick or disabled people, the collection of goods or food, the races or sports challenges, the cleaning of natural site, the sponsorship of skills, the training first aide measures, etc.




The number of AXA employees assisting these associations in their working time or their free time is becoming increasingly important.



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Annual operation: the CR Week


In 2011, AXA wanted to highlight the Group's international solidarity by dedicating a week, every year, to an extraordinary internal mobilization: it's the CR Week. In each entity, AXA Hearts in action organizes as many volunteering actions as possible for the benefit of the beneficiaries of the partner associations.


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